Wednesday May 27

Dragon Age II: Exalted March expansion cancelled


Bioware has stopped working on the "Exalted March" expansion pack for Dragon Age 2 in favour of developing the future of the franchise. On Twitter, series executive producer Mark Darrah said that all production of the Dragon Age 2 expansion pack has been cancelled in favour of "other Dragon Age opportunities."

On Bioware's official forums the developer released a statement saying that the entire Dragon Age team will now be working on the next project in the franchise. While the post didn't get into any specifics, it did mention that. "This past year, we've spent a lot of time both going back to the 'BioWare vault' of games and re-examining them, and looking at some new possibilities that today's industry allows." It also mentioned that Bioware is actively seeking feedback from fans on what they want from the franchise.

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