Wednesday May 27

Lightning DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 titled and dated


Square Enix is bringing another character based story mission to Final Fantasy XIII-2 this May titled "Requiem of the Goddess." This is the same content Square mentioned a couple months ago focusing on XIII's lead character Lightning.

The opening moments of FFXIII-2 starts with Lightning and the main antagonist in battle but soon moves onto the main story with Serah and Noel. The DLC is said to be a continuation of that conflict and will be including a "different form" of combat.

As of now the May release date was only given for Japan but the past Sazh DLC hit North America around the same the for other territories so we may see it in sometime in May as well. There's also no word on if this content will have anything to do with the ending of FFXIII-2 so we'll have to wait until it's on our hard drives to find out.

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