Wednesday May 27

Mass Effect 3 Operation Raptor launching this weekend


Bioware will be launching Operation Raptor this weekend beginning March 30th at 5amĀ  PST until April 2nd at 5am PST. This is the second multiplayer "event" Bioware has held since the release of Mass Effect 3, the first being Operation Goliath, which gave participants free multiplayer booster packs for completing the challenge.

The rewards for completing Operation Raptor include a commendation pack for completing the primary objective and a victory pack for completing the secondary objective. The primary objective requires players to promote two characters from multiplayer to single player while the secondary objective requires 150,000 promotions to be made over the entire Mass Effect 3 player base.

Promoting a character to single player requires you to level up any character to level 20 then pressing X in the character select screen. Once promoted to the single player these characters give you a significant bump in War Assets, which contribute to how well Shepard's final mission results are.

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