Sunday May 24

Scourge: Outbreak coming to XBLA

Scourge: Outbreak is set to debut on XBLA and PSN later this summer. The Spanish developer Tragnarion Studios as previously worked on Doodle Hex for the Nintendo DS and seems to be aiming much more towards the action loving core gaming audience with Scourge: Outbreak. Scourge was originally released on the PC in 2010 as The Scourge Project.

The game will put players in controls of Echo Squad who are a group of mercenaries hired by The Tarn Initiative to take our their competitor Nogari Corporation. The synopsis of Scourge: Outbreak is very similar to that of The Scourge Project, including a rescue mission, a powerful synthetic energy source and a mission hiccup that has players attack "alien-infested Nogari facilities" on Nogari Island.

In addition to playing through the campaign by yourself, it can be tackled in four player co-op or you can go head to head in 4v4 multiplayer. There is also an XP system that spans both the campaign and multiplayer.

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