Saturday May 30

Andre McEachrane

Associate Editor

Let me take you back to the year of 1997. What actually happened then I could not say, for I was at the ripe age of five and most of my memory of that time is but a haze. What I do recall is my young self picking up that small, or at least at the time quite large, rectangle NES controller which I wielded to control a blocky red and blue plumber on the TV screen. Soon also came the blue man with a gun, a boy riding a bicycle and numerous others. Little did I know I had just taken up the biggest drug available to the youth and to this day I dare not quit.

Long story short I became a Nintendo fanboy until the end of the Gamecube era and a month after buying a Wii on launch day I also picked up a 360, a couple years later a PS3. Now I love whats really important, the games.

Choosing a favourite game is tough for me, so here’s some of my favourite series (also TV shows because I love those too and who cares how random it is).

The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Gears of War, Halo, Uncharted

Lost, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Community

Thats all koopalings.

Xbox Live: Viewtiful Dre


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